Pac Xon

You are very close to play the most beautiful and enjoyable game in the world. Pac Xon is a kind of Pacman game; but it is more then it. Very dangerous gosts are traveling inside the boxes and they are trying to catch your hero between the walls. But you can run away from them if you are fast and clever enough!

In this Pacxon game, you can use arrow keys for all movements. You can use left arrow, right arrow, up arrow and down arrow to move every where. Main goal is getting min. 80% of the total filed by you. At that time you can won. When you go somewhere in the box, walls are built at the same time. Every levels have different dangers for you and ghosts will be also so much and fiferent types. Some ghost can be at your walls, some of them can damage your walls. But you can beat them, only go and get your own fields!